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Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

What happens to a king cake baby deferred? Does it dry up in the sun?

Did He Know?

If you don't mind how badly hacked up and poorly edited this piece in Bayou Buzz is, this poorly edited and hacked-up piece in Bayou Buzz poses the question of whether or not John Bel Edwards knew how bad off the budget was when he ran for office and said he would not raise taxes. The allegation: he knew. He knew, and he knew he would have to make tax proposals but campaigned otherwise. Somewhere, deep within the Capitol JBE is smiling, licking his lips and twirling his Snidely Whiplash mustache (he has a mustache, right?) because HE KNEW!

The Face of ALICE

Louisiana Weekly puts a name to the figures of ALICE and goes a little deeper into what it is like living on the margins in Louisiana. It's an interesting and heart-tugging read that really makes you think about what we can do to ... oh,hey, look a piece about the grass at the Super Bowl!

Jindal had a Zero Balance

Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign ended with no money and no deficits but cost $1.4 million. What did all that money go to? Here's a break down - it is mostly consultants and travel. Not too bad, eh? That is one budget he managed to balance. Holdup, wait a minute, Stephanie Grace says. We are the deficit.

Garbage Talk

On Monday, an audit of the Department of Veterans Affairs was released and it called out David LaCerte, alleging he gave a nice contract to a classmate and bought himself (or his staff) a tight SUV. There's other allegations too, but LaCerte is calling them all garbage. The audit says he knows about garbage - as his staff shredded documents that would have painted an unflattering picture about his office.

Catch Hell

The biggest parades haven't even rolled yet and there are already headaches at this Mardi Gras. The Times-Pic reports on a black child catching some Confederate flag beads. The Hayride says it is much ado about nothing, because - you know - the comments on the article said so. Note to self: next year do not attend the Mystic Krewe of Northern Aggression Parade. I wonder if it has a king and queen or if it is all the royal fools? At least they aren't in black face like that Zulu parade. Those guys are insensitive.

Mardi Gras Madness

Neutral Ground News, a satirical web site, has been investigating Mardi Gras. First, the Krewe of Parents threw 436 tons of crap cleared from their houses. Now, we learn the sad fate of king cake babies: about 750,000 king are orphaned every year. One local bakery is preaching king cake abstinence. We can't make this stuff up ('cause they already did!)

Trick Play Flashback

In case you haven't heard, there is some kind of football contest coming up this Sunday. The media is in full football bloom and here we find the best trick plays in Super Bowl history. The Saints Ambush play - an onside kick to start the second half of SB 44 - made the list. Yay! The Saints! Maybe next year?