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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

You are nobody until somebody dislikes you.

Likely Story

The Hayride says it likes a new Facebook page and (maybe) even liked it on Facebook. Dubbed Don't Blame Me; I Voted for Vitter, the page has a whopping 100-plus likes. If you can't tell from the title, it doesn't like John Bel Edwards but does like David Vitter. I might like it on Facebook to keep in the loop for all its news and such, but I don't necessarily like it in real life - it really hasn't provided me with anything I haven't, like, seen elsewhere. The Hayride would like to see some DBM;IVFV bumper stickers popping up around the state. Like that is going to happen!

Biting his own Hand

David Vitter may be lame - some people do like him - but he is not going out as a lame duck. Vitter is going after Congress for exempting itself in a matter regarding ObamaCare. And you thought he had given up.

Sweet! Not.

Cuts to higher education are going to hurt students, no doubt. This Advocate piece looks at another victim you might not have seen coming: Louisiana sugar cane farmers. The LSU AgCenter helps farmers because there is no for-profit agency developing seeds for the crop. If the AgCenter takes a hit, it could be bad business for the farmers who are already suffering from a rough year. Edwards - speaking to a group of farmers at the American Sugar Cane League conference in Lafayette - said, “The state of Louisiana is in one of the toughest spots it’s ever been in. There is no sugarcoating it.” It's nice to see Bobby Jindal's staff joke writer was able to keep his job.

BR up, Laffy Down

According to this report, Lafayette lost 5,000 jobs last year while Baton Rouge gained 8,800. In the mining and logging sector - which includes oil and gas - we lost 2,800 or 12 percent. Professional and business services dropped 2,100 jobs or 9 percent. All right, everybody with a job stand up. Not so fast, Jimmy.