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Friday’s Blogs from the Bog

Mon Dieu! How's running this place?

Big Brain on Dardenne

After folks howled about John Bel Edwards' staffers' paychecks, Jay Dardenne - JBE's top guy - says he will cut some staff pay. Dardenne, if your pay is among them, we salute you. If not, don't eat any food gifts from your staff. Just sayin'.

Cake Beats Oil

Just how low is the price of oil? KPEL lists five things you can buy that will cost more than a barrel of oil. And, it's not diamond rings and caviar dreams. This is basic stuff - like king cakes. Seriously, a barrel of oil costs less than a king cake. Not even a boudin king cake or a king cake made with diamond sprinkles. A frickin' king cake. Guess we know what laid-off oilfield workers will be eating to bury their sorrow.

Ziggy Pig

John Bel Edwards is saying he won't cut public schools - K-12 - to offset our budget issues. Really? How could you cut something that has nothing to cut? Oh wait, I know of some state education officials whose pay you could reduce or eliminate. Ok, that's fine. But here's the really rocking thing about this piece: in the comments, someone pointed out how much Jay Dardenne looks likes Napoleon Bonaparte. Yeah, it is there, but he REALLY looks like the guy who played Bonaparte in the epic masterpiece, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Un-Common Core

Could changes to Common Core be on the way? If the Louisiana Student Standards Steering Committee has its way, the state's curriculum will be in for a makeover. The 26-member committee - made up of parents, teachers and the public - voted to revise Common Core standards. Now, it has a ways to go but that roar you just heard was the sound of students and parents alike celebrating what could be the beginning of the end.

The Future of Medicaid

The Business Report examines the potential outcome of the changes in Louisiana's Medicaid program. Spoiler alert: it's not sunshine and cupcakes, but doctor shortages.

A Permanent Home for the Super Bowl

This is a good idea. Really. Not only would it work for anyone attending the game but can you imagine the boon to our economy? This USA Today column - for the FTW! section (I will let you Google what FTW means) - argues that all Super Bowls should be held in NOLA - and even offers reasons why. This guy, I like. Next time you come to the city, we party. I know a place.

Beat Iowa

If there is something to be upset about regarding an election, Jim Brown will be there. This time, he's pointing out how useless our presidential primary is and how valuable it could have been had we gotten it in before Iowa's. He estimates big checks could have poured into the state and even gives candidates some stopping/stumping points. (Donald Trump at the Hi-Ho, that's gold. Never picked him for the sauce on a bun type, though.) Instead, we have to settle for not mattering at all in the presidential elections. Oh well, I guess we should be used to it by now.