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Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Wake up! Wake up! Mardi Gras is over!

New White Details

New details have been released in the shooting death of Victor White III. Video shows White in handcuffs and capable of moving. Deputies say he remarked that he didn't want to go to jail and to tell his family he loves them. His brother says he was carrying a gun that matched the one that killed him. His family, however, is not buying it and says they will continue to seek justice.

To John, From Jeff

At first, our Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry and our Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards looked like they would be able to work together. Now, not even a month later, that bridge is crumbling. Edwards said he doesn't think the state should continue a lawsuit over Common Core, but Landry didn't see it that way. JBE claimed the case was a bit of political posturing on Bobby Jindal's part (Jindal filed the suit) and says it might be the same thing from Landry. Now, it has gotten petty: both men referring to each other by their first names instead of their respective titles. Ouch. It might just turn into an Alexandria Mardi Gras up in here.

Cuts the Key to Hikes?

Could the only way John Bel Edwards get a sales tax hike be by agreeing to turn into Bobby Jindal down the road? Or, do you have the key to the whole mess?

Saints Make Cuts!

Good news, guys! Looks like Brandon Browner is soon to be an ex-Saint. Browner hinted to his release on Friday but the Saints have not made anything official. Thanks for the memories! Go set penalty records elsewhere. Maybe with the Panthers. We could use a boost when we see them next year. In related news, he is not the only Saint to get his walking papers. If one Saints fan has his way, it is just a good start.

Spanish Town Ugliness

Last week, it was Rebel Flag beads. This week it is the Spanish Town Mardi Gras. Known for its controversy, the Baton Rouge parade took it to another level this year, using the names of two black men killed by police as fodder. Sure, the parade isn't for everyone, but there is a line. You crossed it.

Not Bowled Over

In case you just woke up from a Mardi Gras debauchery hangover and/or a king cake induced coma, there was a football game on Sunday (or maybe you just watched the uneventful contest and blacked out). It pitted Louisiana's own Peyton Manning - who is apparently either an alcoholic or owns Budweiser distributors - against Cam Newton. It wasn't their game at all. Instead, the win belonged to Denver's defense. However, Newton did some antics that earned him scorn and discontent and some great memes. Some media and social media pundits claim it was racist that he was criticized. Nope, we just don't like Cam. Why not? A) He is a division rival. B) He celebrates every minute accomplishment he makes. Not only that, he does it by doing juvenile dances that are popular among juveniles. That's fine for the wide receivers, running backs, defense backs, etc., but you are the quarterback. You are supposed to be cool. Act like you have been there before. Be a leader. Seriously? Have you ever seen another QB act like this? No, they are on the sidelines planning the next drive. Normally, I'd say ignore Cam and he will go away. That would be a lie. We are stuck seeing this guy - whether dabbing when he makes a two-yard gain or throwing a tantrum when he loses - at least twice a year in divisional play. Maybe he will pull a Marshawn Lynch and get out early. We can always hope for next year, right?