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Friday’s Blogs from the Bog

Science in Louisiana! Who woulda thunk it?

What a Pickle!

Does Louisiana matter in the presidential primary? This editorial says it matters just as much as that pickle on the side of a roast beef sandwich. Sure, it is going to be consumed, but would you even mind if it were left off? If you think that it doesn't matter, you are right. We don't. Who cares, though? Well, you should as the only way to fix our problems - an eroding shoreline, a withering oil economy - is to matter in the 2016 election. Demand the pickle!

Seems a Little High

How well did Bobby Jindal do in the New Hampshire presidential primary? Considering he was no longer running, pretty bad. With 50 votes, he tied with a guy we never heard of - Tim Cook, who shares the name of the CEO of Apple. He has the same name! Yeah, this is a stretch of a piece. Being that Jindal spent $1.4 million on his race, that comes out to $28,000 per vote. Well spent!

Hebert's Looking the Other Way

When David Vitter lost the election and announced he wouldn't run for re-election and Bobby Jindal dropped out of the president's race, it looked like there wouldn't be much to fill these pages. Then, along came Troy Hebert and his bid for Vitter's senate seat. Here, Louisiana Voice reports about Hebert investigating - or not investigating thoroughly - a bar after one of its patrons caused a fatal accident. The accusation? He turned a blind eye because he is tight with its owner. Thank you, Mr. Hebert. We look forward to your next move.

Einstein in Livingston

When you think of Livingston Parish, surely you think of science, right? Einstein's gravitational wave theory must come to mind when reflecting on that stronghold of intelligence that contains Denham Springs, Walker, Springfield and the like. No? Think again, as a facility there - in conjunction with one in Washington - has proven the existence of gravitational waves. What does this mean? Other than being cool enough to get a Twittter shout-out from Stephen Hawking, we are not really sure. Something about space-time, black holes and the like. It's all very scientific and above our pay grade.

Not that kind of Party

If you are one of the folks who were ticked off by Beyoncé's Black Panther themed Super Bowl performance - did you catch that? - you aren't alone. But, here on the other side, an African American/New Orleans native takes issue with Queen Bey's video for "Formation," saying she is appropriating New Orleans' suffering for her own gain. Can't say that I saw her on the Super Bowl - the halftime always reminds me to take out the garbage.