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Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

In case you missed it, the world has ended.

So, What's Up?

t this long without hearing about John Bel Edwards' speech or the pissing away our kids' future, how can they absorb something when they will be broke? TOPS fiasco, thank you for journeying into another galaxy to save us from the blight Matthew McConaughey. It's all I heard about no matter where I was, what I was doing or who I was with this weekend. Louisiana Politics has the highlights and screenshots. Stephanie Grace says it was scary. Lamar White, Jr. called it a Jindal Hangover. Before he even spoke, The Hayride called for his recall. Louisiana Voice says not so fast, it is Bobby Jindal you need to attack. When he said LSU football may get the ax, even Mississippi State felt sorry for us.

The Republican Response

When John Bel Edwards spoke Thursday night, the only winners were the Republicans. The sound you heard after the speech was the 2019 election being called for a Republican candidate. Don't like it, JBE? You have four years to fix things and serve a second term.

No Taxes? Here's What You Got.

John Bel Edwards has a plan that makes cuts without raising taxes. But, those are some deep cuts. Here's a more detailed look.

Here, Start Here

Can I get a second on this proposal to fix the budget? How about we take it a step further - elected officials should forgo their pay until this is fixed. Don't want to work for free to fix the mess you have made? That's fine, I am sure there are plenty of folks willing to step up and fill your spot.


The Times-Picayune looks at the budget crisis and the Public Affairs Research Council's strategy to stabilize it. It's a good look at the report's highlights. How about we forward it to every one "working" at the Capitol?

Poke the Tiger

When John Bel Edwards dropped the nuclear bomb of all bombshells - even if it was a Chicken Little moment - that LSU football might not happen next year, you knew there would be a reaction. Here's a couple fan quotes. These are actually the tamest you could have gotten. The fine folks over at Tiger Droppings aren't as kind, even banging the Recall Drum (and offering one of the Evil Twins to lead the effort)

Last Year's News, Today's Headlines

Just in case you forgot, here is Mile Marker 1 in this road of woe.