Casting call in the ’Southern Wild’ - revisited

by Christiaan Mader

The creators of 2012 Oscar favorite Beasts of the Southern Wild are still scouring Lafayette for a pair of actors in the raw.

Court 13 plucked Quvenzhané Wallis from her native Houma and made the untrained actress a household name.

Court 13 Arts


A few months ago we ran a casting call for an upcoming feature by Court 13 Arts, the production team behind the captivating independent epic Beasts of the Southern Wild. According to casting directors with the project, the call produced scores of interested talent.

Court 13 is still on the hunt for a pair of actors, amateurs or pros, to fill roles in that same feature, still yet to be named or described.

The sought-after roles are the same, but the parameters have been tweaked to expand the desired age range for the male and female roles. See below for the original story we ran last year with an updated casting call at the bottom.

While I can't promise you that Court 13 Arts can hang your star in the same constellation as Quvenzhané Wallis, I can promise you that a role in a film by the Beasts of the Southern Wild crew is a ticket to something special. Beasts' creators harnessed the spunk and spiritual tenacity of the five-year-old Houma native for the magical realist epic set in the drowning coast of southern Louisiana, gathering Oscar nods with untested amateurs and launching Wallis' now burgeoned career.

The New Orleans based art-collective and film house has issued a casting call in the Lafayette area for an as yet unannounced film. Court 13 has historically sought non-professional actors, so chops and experience are not quite necessary.

See below for updated casting details from Court 13:

WE ARE NOW SEEKING ADULTS for two very specific roles to audition for OUR NEXT FILM! If you or anyone you may know matches the descriptions below, please respond with a recent photograph of yourself (selfie, snapshot, family photo etc.) and your contact information, and we will be in touch to arrange an audition. NO ACTING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

Female Caucasian age 35 - 45 A strong, hard-working mother with a twinkle in her eye and joy in her heart.

Male Caucasian age 35 - 70 Tall with angular facial features. A tough man whose hard life and rough exterior mask a trustworthy soul.

If interested, please send your photos to [email protected]. For additional questions, feel free to reach us at 504-408-1685.