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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

Sadder than the Labor Day Pledge Drive.

Last Gas Grasp

Apparently, Saudi Arabia and Russia have more sympathy for us than our president. According to reports, the two oil producers have agreed to freeze their output. This will help stabilize the oil industry. Unfortunately, it will not pick up prices at this time. For that to happen, the oil supply must drop. I guess this gives you another reason - other than low prices - to top off the tank. Keep on driving us back to the black, America!

JK tops JBE in Poll

A new poll is out and it is not good news for John Bel Edwards, yet it is not as bad as it could be. Out of those polled, 34.2 percent gave him a favorable rating, while 44.8 percent gave him an unfavorable rating (21 percent said IDK). These numbers aren't good but a week after the TOPS/Tiger football bombshell, they are great. John Kennedy on the other hand, took a 48 percent favorable rating, putting him at the top of the Senate race. It's not clear if the 21 percent who said IDK thought he was JFK.

Bad Muthafracking Math

John Kennedy is wrong in his assertion that our problem is wasteful spending, asserts Lamar White, Jr. Here, White caught Kennedy in some of his numbers. White points out that some of the issues Kennedy made hay over was actually uncollected fracking revenues. Nice catch! Now, can you do my taxes?

Bad Math, Pt. 2

Speaking of bad math, turn out the state misused, misspent, misappropriated or is missing millions of dollars. (That's more misses than a polygamist sect.) I'm sure someone is going to pay for this. Here's a hint: it's you and me!

Go Fund Us

Not to brag, but I actually had this idea the other day. Someone has started a Go Fund Me page for Louisiana's budget crisis. It's sad that it came to this, but it is even sadder that it is some $899 million from its goal. So, we are struggling but these freeloaders got paid? (At current, the same amoutn that has been raised for us has been raised to save someone's relationship. Let that sink in for a minute.)

De-committed to Higher Ed

How bad are the looming cuts? So bad a high school student can tell you that the future of higher education is on shaky ground in Louisiana. Johnathan Jones, a wide receiver out of Evangel who comitted to Louisiana Tech, has now de-committed citing the recent budget cuts colleges are looking at making. Well, why else would he not want to go to Tech? It's soooo much fun. All kidding aside, could this be a harbinger for problems in schools across the state? Will the top-rated recruiting class at LSU suffer because of this? That's what's important in this state, right. LSU football? Maybe somebody should fix this mess.

1-2-3, Recall JBE

Thanks, Hayride, for this handy three-step process to recalling John Bel Edwards. Only one problem: you are a few years too late on your effort.

The Daily Distraction

It's bleak times. In effort to do what media is supposed to do - oh look something about pandas - every day you will see a story here that is just that: a distraction. Some days, it will have ties to this great state, some days it will be - oh, look kitties - bull crap. Today, it's this: here are two lists that Drew Brees will not see himself on - the most overrated Saint list and players cut by the Saints. The Saints are expected to reach a contract extension with Brees. Meanwhile, one of those lists of the most ____ players of all time featured the most over-rated player in the history of each team. Who was it for the Saints? Not telling you, but here's a hint: he used to hold a Heisman Trophy and a Kardashian. USED TO.