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Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

Don't feed St. Landry Parish after midnight.

Incoming, Outgoing

The TImes-Picayune started a five part series by looking at potential changes to the state's income tax structuring. It's a thorough piece that breaks down the ups and downs of changing the system, written in common sense language that doesn't require a translation from someone fluent in 1040-ese. Still, it is hard to say at this point whether or not your refund check will shrink.

Bullet Points

The Times-Picayune also started a series on how guns make it into the hands of criminals in New Orleans. This installment looks at three stolen guns that became weapons in three separate crimes. It's a good read that begs the goes after the often ignored variable in the gun control argument: stolen guns. Though they only account for 10 to 15 percent of guns used in crimes, the role they play can't be ignored.

Season's Open

Capt. Clay Higgins has a lot of fans but the ACLU is not one of them. After Higgins' latest Crime Stoppers video - the one where he dons full battle gear and a gun that would make Charlton Heston blush - the executive director is taking issue with Higgins' statement that he will hunt down the Gremlins - that street gang out of Abbeville that now appears to be moving into St. Landry but only because someone fed them after midnight. Marjorie Esman of the ACLU says we don't hunt people in this country. Really? You don't catch Dog: The Bounty Hunter in your ivory tower, lady? He's not hunting them for sport, he's hunting them because St. Landry is the wilderness. This is Clay Higgins - he says ma'am and sir and he keeps planets in orbit, son. If the Gremlins - like the one Higgins says he could dumbbell press (that's with one hand, folks) - are smart, they won't make Higgins hunt them ... they'll turn themselves in to authorities. However, one former Gremlin - Gizmo, who helped start the gang - says Higgins has it all wrong - they have gone straight.

Hebert Flunks History

Louisiana Voice points out that Troy Hebert didn't do so hot in 8th Grade Social Studies. On a radio show, Hebert - running for David Vitter's senate seat - says Huey P. Long invented our civil service system. No. Just no. Civil service was created and expanded by later governors in response to the jobs Long gave to his supporters and cronies. Next, please tell us about the time Edwin Edwards only served one term as governor.

It's Gone too Far

In the face of budget cuts, one Louisiana couple looks to divorce so they could get better coverage for their child with a severe disability. How's that family values thing working out for you, Bobby Jindal?

Pennsylvania State of Mind

Jeff Sadow calls out John Bel Edwards as taking political hostages in the budget crisis.Meanwhile, a Pennsylvania paper says their governor should come out blazing and being blunt about cuts and hikes to fix their budget woes.

CSI: Baton Rouge

Gambit and James Carville weigh in on the budget crisis. How do they feel about the legislators who put us where we are? Here's a hint: they say we should wrap the capitol in crime scene tape.

Don't Save SAVE

Stephanie Grace says SAVE is dying and no one will care. What did it do again? Oh, yeah, it was a bullet point on Bobby Jindal's presidential resume. Hmmmm, so it was worth less than the nonexistent paper on which it wasn't printed? Yeah, die a quick death please.

GoFundMe vs. JustGoAway

That GoFundMe effort to pay off the budget gained a little credibility as one legislator proposed a bill that would allow such donations. So far, it has only raised $590 out of the 900 million we need. To put things into a sad perspective, the GoFundMe for Kanye West's $53 million debt has earned more than $7,000. However, unlike the state - which apparently will now take crowd funding money - West says he won't touch the money. So, Louisiana 0, West: 1. Just shoot me.

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