Leslie Turk

Crocs for a cause

by Leslie Turk

Shoe Station, located at 3606 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, is the first Lafayette shoe store to join the recycled footware program SolesUnited, founded by Crocs Inc. to provide recycled shoes to disaster victims and other people in need all over the world. The local store, part of the Alabama-based Shoe Station chain, has joined SolesUnited at a time when political unrest and natural disasters across the globe, particularly the earthquake in China and cyclone in Myanmar, are leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless and starving.

To participate in the program, just bring your worn out Crocs to Shoe Station, which will turn them over to SolesUnited. They'll be sorted, cleaned, ground into new material and manufactured into new shoes. With the support of its charity partners, SolesUnited then sends the shoes to those in need. In the past 18 months, more than a million pairs of shoes have been distributed.