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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Lose your pants for the budget.

Bloomberg on Bell

Bloomberg Business looks at John Bel Edwards' threat of no LSU football in the fall with a good bit of depth into the budget crisis, examining bonds, credit ratings, oil prices and the like. We all know we are in a mess, but this is the most economically intensive look at what caused it.

He Said, He Said, We Said

John Bel Edwards: "Hurry up, Rumpelstiltskin, and spin that hay into gold!" House Speaker Taylor Barras: "Be patient! It takes time to fix the problems we made for ourselves!" Us: Don't come out of your holes again until you have this fixed!

Bible Talk

Probably the only thing making Bobby Jindal smile right now is that one freshman senator brought the Bible into the budget crisis and prayed for Jesus' help in the mess. That smile probably turned upside down when Rep. Beryl Amedee chastised the lawmakers for the bad job they did putting us in this mess. That kind of talk makes baby Bobby cry in his manger.

Movie Mania

Ugh. One lawmaker wants metal detectors mandatory at movie theaters (why not make them mandatory everywhere while you are at it?). A man in a coat caused a stampede at The Grand 14 (not the site of the shooting) by pacing and muttering to himself during a showing of Deadpool (maybe he was upset by the laziness of breaking the fourth wall). Vigilance is great and all, but hysteria and paranoia are the first steps to a police state. Oh wait, the first step is actually having Donald Trump as a top contender for preidency. He's got a campaign office opening across from the other Grand, y'all.

Gremlins Part Three: Justice for Everyone

After seeing the video about the Gremlins street gang, the accused criminals' mamas and grandmas went to KATC complaining about how Capt. Clay Higgins said he would return fire on them if they raised a weapon against him. They also say they will write a letter to the Justice Department about it. Thanks, Granny, you just ruined our street cred! Now we are going to have to change our names to The Critters.

Daily Distraction: Undies Run

Participants (or partici-no-pants) in Cupid's Undie Run raised $28,000 for the Children's Tumor Foundation, dedicated to ending Neuro Fibromatosis, by having a one mile run through New Orleans in their underwear. Don't worry: this story is totally SFW.(and like 95 percent not people you want to see in their drawers). Maybe we can have 32,000 more of this to solve the budget problems. That's a whole lotta drawers.