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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Left to run itself, St. Landry Parish descended into chaos.

Prediction: Crime won't be Stopped

The Cajun John Wayne is no more. Capt. Clay Higgins has resigned from his job with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Department. But, chances are you will see him down the road. Let's face it - people love Higgins. (except for criminals and their families). (Oh, excuse me, alleged criminals.) Someone is going to cash in on that. Has Donald Trump selected a running mate yet?

Don't Tase the Messenger

Louisiana Voice's Tom Aswell appears to be the topic of a letter sent out by the Louisiana State Troopers Association. It accuses him of a lack of ethics. In response, Aswell puts together 15 points to make about the scandals plaguing LSTA and how it is not his doing, including the hiring of Senate President John Alario's wife and son. Tom, that's great but just didn't get pulled over.

Kennedy vs. The Governors

John Kennedy is just a pain. This piece looks at how the treasurer has often butted heads with governors. Could this have something to do with all the failed runs he has made for Senate? In his defense, at least he is a bi-partisan pain.

What's Healthcare without Art?

Dead Pelican breaks out of its role as news aggregator to news maker - reporting that last year Jay Dardenne - then our lieutenant governor - spent $1.1 million on sculptures for the new Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Jay, there's a lot better ways to spend 7 figures on Charity Hospital. Like, I don't know, services?

Trump Ducks Duke

Donald Trump blames a very bad ear piece for dodging a question about David Duke's support for his campaign. Trump said he didn't know anything about Duke when asked about him on CNN's "State of the Union." (Meanwhile, experts say he will take Louisiana in our primary. Great!) Bad ear piece? What about that terrible hair piece? Who do you blame for that?

More Taxing for More Time

The Senate - not John Bel Edwards - changed the 1 cent sales tax hike from an 18-month fix to one with a five-year lifespan. Just making sure you know who you are going to pelt with rotten fruit.

Just Doing My Job

The last contractor to publicly sign on to remove New Orleans' Confederate monuments had his Lamborghini torched. Now, the city has removed the names of potential contractors to do the job from a web site. Yeah, that's a pretty good idea. In other news: man, that city ... SMH

Daily Distraction: And the Oscar doesn't go to ... Cuts!

LSU students spoofed the bear attack scene in The Revenant to raise awareness about arts funding. Wait, this was shot in one take? No way!