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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

Facts: check 'em out!

Duke Won't Go Away

Dear David, please go away. Every time you try to insert yourself into national politics, we get a reminder of our stupidity. I don't care who you are endorsing. Just. Go. Away.

Math is Easy when It's Fake

Louisiana Voice features a guest column by an associate professor at SLU who takes issue with Jeff Sadow's claim that Louisiana ranks above the national per capita for spending. Michael Kurt Corbello says that is not just fuzzy math, it is not math at all. He claims Sadow, columnist for The Advocate and a professor himself, is just making numbers up. Unethical journalists in Louisiana? Get out of here! Say, did I ever tell you about the time John Bel Edwards dressed up like Minnie Pearl and went out stabbing hookers? Happened.

Higgins on Higgins, Gremlins are Fake

Clay Higgins did a phone interview with KPEL and told his story - not just about his resignation, but about how he became Uncle Clay. From a big money business man who was a bad dad and husband to joining the police force in Opelousas. For his fans, the humbling interview is a must listen. Meanwhile, family members of the Gremlins gang are at it again. This time, they claim there is no such thing as the gang. One civil rights activist - John Barnett - claims they are being denied due process. But, who are you going to believe; the boots-on-the-ground cops in two parishes or Barnett, who thinks we have counties here in Louisiana?

'Copter Gas Theft

Charles Boustany is accusing the Obama administration of forcing offshore refueling sites to fuel federal helicopters against their will and is calling for investigation. Look on the bright side: maybe they will have to buy more gas and this will drive up gas prices. Probably not though.

Retire? I Need a Job First!

Calling out factors like high crime rates and poor health care, Louisiana ranked as the fifth worst state for retirement (not to mention it's hot, the study says). With our economy, who has time to plan for retirement anyway?

It's not Good for Women Either

Another study shows Louisiana is at the bottom of the list when it comes to women friendly states. It points out lower median earnings, less preventive health care and fewer female-owned businesses plus high rates of women living in poverty and a high female homicide rate WalletHub put us at No. 51 (that's dead last) in Women’s Economic & Social Well-Being and two notches up in Women’s Health Care & Safety. And this news comes on a Thursday - they just ruined Ladies Night.

The Daily Distraction: OMG Brangelina to move to Breaux Bridge. LOL No, tho.

It ain't no Us Weekly but this site - the McKenzie Post - claims Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are looking to move to Breaux Bridge. Errybody on the internet - locally - is talking about this. That is some encouraging news - yeah, not really as who gives a gerbil's sphincter - until you check out the site's contact page.