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Friday’s Blogs from the Bog

There's worse things in this world than Donald Trump as president. There's snakes!

Louisiana Goes to ...

Who's primary is it to win? Who knows, as no one has paid any attention to us as we don't matter. True, this Advocate piece argues that we have more impact than we once did, we still don't have enough delegates to swing the thing. Also, here's an announcement exclusive to this page - because of high voter turnout predicted, Republicans who are voting for Donald Trump may do so next weekend. Everybody else, go this Saturday.

Grace on Chris

By now, you've probably seen the footage of Chris Christie, standing behind Donald Trump, looking like he was trying to solve some Common Core math. Stephanie Grace weighs in on just what was he thinking and provides an update about Bobby Jindal's activities these days. Cause you so wanted to know.Me, I think he just realized he left a sandwich uneaten somewhere.

Iberia Burning

Louisiana Voice takes aim at Louis Ackal, the Iberia Parish sheriff. Noting the beatings and deaths in custody over there, Tom Aswell says it is hotter than a Tobasco pepper on a fever blister. That's kinda like a Tabasco pepper right? (Sorry, he corrected it and that was my only joke about the piece. Seriously, WTF Iberia?)

Ssssso Ssssorry for Your Losssss

Wait, there 's a fungus that kills snakes? And we are concerned about it? We should be spraying that stuff from trucks!

Victim State

Bayou Buzz puts it like this: "John Bel Edwards, Louisiana legislature still at odds while victims plead." And they are right: the people of this state are victims. The Buzz tells about parents of special needs children speaking at the Capitol as legislators wiping away tears. You should cry. This is your fault. Yes, it notes, the oil crisis is a severe factor here, but you did this to us. Compiling reactions from the crisis, the Buzz goes beyond the reporting in newspapers and shows the human side of this mess. We are halfway done and it is not halfway fixed. As one Twitter user - displayed on the Buzz - puts it: "If they're more concerned about their job security than the future of their state, they shouldn't be in office."

The Daily Distraction: What are You Doing this Weekend?

Oh, going to the Cat Fancier show, not voting, NBD.

The Daily Distraction, part 2: Tweets throughout Time

The Huffington Post shows us what tweets would have been like in past presidential elections, had they had Twitter and been mean like Donald Trump. There's some serious besmirching going on!