R. Reese Fuller

Mourning Elemore Morgan Jr.

by R. Reese Fuller

photo by Terri Fensel

We have lost a good man, and I've lost a dear friend. But I'm only one of thousands. Elemore Morgan Jr. not only taught and inspired generations of artists, he changed the way we see the south Louisiana horizon - where the prairies and the sky meet. He taught us how to see the world differently and changed our lives forever.
Elemore died yesterday in a Maryland hospital, at the age of 76. He never fully recovered from the heart surgery he underwent in early April.
He was a painter, a photographer, a teacher, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a raconteur, and a dreamer who lived his dreams. His enthusiasm and energy for both art and life were infectious. He lived fully in every moment before him, and he treated everyone he met with kindness and compassion.
It's difficult to imagine a world without Elemore, and even more difficult to find the words right now. The Independent Weekly is planning a tribute issue to him, and we want your help and input. Send your stories, recollections, photos, or thoughts about Elemore Morgan Jr. to me by noon this Wednesday, May 21 at [email protected] or to my attention at The Independent Weekly, 551 Jefferson St., Lafayette, LA 70501.

(Update: Read our tribute to Elemore Morgan Jr. )