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Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

Thanks, Obama!


Well, you did it, didn't you? You went all Trump on us. Congrats on electing Hillary Clinton. Oh, what? You didn't know? Yeah, that's right. Trump can't win this thing. Nope. It is just not happening. Trump can't court the independent voters needed to swing the election. (Some polls say other could have, but you don't listen to polls do you?) Don't believe me? That's fine. It is still true. Don't like it? You have eight years to fix it.

Jindal: Obama Created Trump

Bobby Jindal penned a piece for the Wall Street Journal, asserting that Obama created Trump. It is an interesting theory, broken down into an abridged version here. So how about it, Obamanationers, do you still hate the man who created the man you love?

Keep on Smoking: It's good for the State

Smokers, thanks your help with the budget crisis. It's nice to know you are always reliable for a fix - nicotine or otherwise - for when we bungle things. Love, the Legislature.

Coast to Coast Jobs

That vanishing coast we have may just pay off big - 13,000 plus jobs big. See, silver lining to every storm cloud!

Tax Break? (Nope, Just a Breakdown)

Here's a break down of the taxes that you might be seeing soon.

Scotty's In

Scott Angelle has entered the race for David Vitter's Senate seat. Perhaps now John Kennedy can stop sparring with non-candidate John Bel Edwards. Yeah, doubt it.

UL Loses Two Bowl Wins

Hey, remember that time UL won those four straight bowl games? Nope. You don't. Never happened.

Escape from the Angola Escape

Man, man, man. I get it. You want to test yourself. The Warrior Dash isn't enough. Escape from Angola. Sure, what could prove your mettle more to your Crossfit bodies - hey why haven't you updated your status about today's WOD, bro-ham? - but, seriously? Who thought this would be a good idea? Sleeping in the old death row? Winning the keys to the prison? This ain't a game son, this is Angola.

Daily Distraction: Thanks for the Memories

KPEL compiled what it calls Clay Higgins greatest hits. Kinda brings a tear to your eye.