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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Dude, where's my car? I gotta get to Eunice.

Ted's Big Push

The Washington Post looks at Ted Cruz's near victory in Louisiana. What factor pushed him up in the polls on primary day? Could it be people realized there was no hope in Donald Trump? Or could it be Cruz's Duck Dynasty endorsement? I hope not - taking political advice from a guy famous for making duck calls is pretty sad and indicative of what's wrong with our state.

Sit Down, Sadow

Louisiana Voice goes back for seconds on Jeff Sadow, this time taking aim at his claim that John Bel Edwards is the reason Moody's lowered our credit rating. Tom Aswell says Sadow may have a PHD behind his name but he's just not that bright.

Bobby Jindal, Rhodes Scholar

Bobby Jindal's claim that Obama created Donald Trump's popularity ranks on this site's vilest Right Wing moments of the week. They go as far as asking for his Rhodes Scholar status to be revoked. Look, that's a good idea but that's not even near topping the list for why he is, as the site says, a complete moron.

More Taxes for You

OMG! An additional sales tax increase that is being supported by Republicans like Taylor Barras? Someone buy me a Powerball. Ok, I can't afford one, at least get me a scratch off. (Meanwhile, the House sipped at a booze tax. Now, the Senate has a choice to abstain or indulge.)

The Daily Distraction: We Found Your Weed, Bruh

The Eunice Police posted on Facebook that they found some weed. Is it yours? If so, you can claim it at the police station. Be sure to bring your photo ID. Jokes aside, someone somewhere is contemplating how to pull this off.