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Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Dear NFL, y'all forgot the best one.

Jindal's claim has Legs

From the land of Obama, columnist Phil Arvia says he gets Bobby Jindal's Obama-created-Trump logic, as they are opposites. Locally, he could use Louisiana as an example. If you go back in Louisiana history you will find cycles of boring reformers following outlandish, flamboyant corrupt characters who followed boring reformers. It is a cycle of opposites (John Bel Edwards and Jindal much?) or a chicken and egg sort of thing. Arvia also calls Jindal a human Pez dispenser. That’s pretty good.

History Repeats Itself Again

Stephanie Grace compares the current presidential election to a governor's race we sure would like to forget: the 1991 contest between David Duke and Edwin Edwards. Grace offers ways the GOP candidates could battle back against Donald Trump. But alas, isn't it already too late? Could you have offered this a few weeks - or months or a year - ago?

Pig in a Poke

This boudin was made with love and exploitation.

The World Turned Upside Down

Quote the Advocate: "'Hell no!' said Rep. Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, when asked if he would support the additional sales tax." Meanwhile, Taylor Barras, R-New Iberia, says he is receptive to an additional sales tax increase. Man, this budget crisis has dogs peeing in litter boxes and cats dousing fire hydrants.

Daily Distraction: Manning’s Plus One

After Peyton Manning's retirement, the NFL tweeted an infographic showing the players who have caught touchdown passes from Manning - all league-leading leading 539 of them. One Saints’ fan made a slight correction - adding the game clinching pick 6 from Super Bowl 44 to the list.