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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

How about voting with your brain instead of your finger?

Trump’s Security in New Orleans

Donald Trump's New Orleans visit featured a new wrinkle in his security detail. Security agents now are dressing in plain clothes and going into the crowd to assess protesters and help uniform security remove them. Gee, this in no way can end badly can it?


Last night was the deadline for the special session. According to this Times-Pic report, the governor and legislature said they were close to making a deal to fix the budget. What's their definition of close, though? For you and me, it is a few dollars short of buying a pizza this weekend. For them, could that equate to millions of dollars short? (Here's another look at the back and forth on the issue). I feel like we will be saying "more on this budget crap tomorrow" again and again. Prediction: this isn't the last of the special sessions we will see. I hate it when I am right.

Vouchers in the Budget Cross Hairs

BESE is at odds with John White over a report about the costs - or savings - associated with the state's voucher program. If you are a voucher fan, this is not going to be good news: the board refused to accept a report provided by White's agency that claimed the state saved $23.6 million by providing vouchers for students. Instead, a different take says the state would save $8 million by having those voucher students in public schools. With the budget like it is - and John Bel Edwards not a fan of the program - this almost certainly spells change for the program.

Bobby Created Trump in Louisiana

Contrary to Bobby Jindal’s idea that Obama created Donald Trump, this piece says that Louisiana’s Republican support of Donald Trump is owed to Bobby Jindal's failures. Ken Levy notes that voters see Trump as a non-establishment candidate and that a vote for him is "a vote with the middle finger." No, that's not what we said: we want give Trump the finger not vote for him with it.

Shufflin' Out the Way

Ever wonder what happened to that guy from Lafayette who did that "Cupid Shuffle" song? Yeah, me neither. But here it is anyway - he almost got gored by a bull at a rodeo in Texas. But, thankfully, he was able to shuffle out of the way. Thank God! Had he been killed we would have had infinite repeats of that song as we mourn him. I just can’t take that right now.

Vitter funding the Donald?

The measure David Vitter wants to take to stop non-citizens from sending money out of the country will slap a fee on those transactions and use the money gained to pay for border security. This site scratches its head and ponders the question of is that accidentally a bill to pay for Donald Trump's wall? This is just what we need: A Vitter-Trump alliance, accidental or not. How long until Vitter is out of office?

Daily Distraction: Suh, Bruh

After Peyton manning's big news this week, Drew Brees tweeted a pic of two QBs from 1998. #TBT #totallynotataNSYNCconcert In other Saints news, Ben Watson has agreed to a deal with the Ravens. Watson was a standout on the field and off - authoring a poignant book about race relations. He is a loss in terms of player output and leadership.