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Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

Assault with a delicious weapon.

Trump and Bobby at the White House

This fantasy piece dreams up what an encounter between Donald Trump and Bobby Jindal (and later Trump and Vladimir Putin) would be like if the Donald takes the election. The headline promises a laugh, but all I can think about is "it's only just a dream, it's only just a dream."

Mother Jones: Oil is the Devil

Mother Jones weighs in on our budget crisis, using it as an indictment on fossil fuels. It's true that it's not best to put all your eggs in one basket - read: 1980's oil bust - especially when that basket is so tumultuous due to outside influences, but their green agenda is clearly showing. The smart money is on being smart - using what we have, reigning in spending, diversifying and taxing where appropriate. Don't count on the oil industry to save us when prices turn back around and don't count on our "leaders" to learn from their mistakes. Do count on oil to continue to be a big part of our economy for years to come and for some people to have a big problem with that.

Alario looks to the Future

Senate President John Alario shed tears in frustration at the end of the session. Looks like he'll need a Kleenex again as he says it is not looking good for next year, in fact it's a disaster.

Sadow on JBE

Jeff Sadow calls John Bel Edwards the complainer in chief and says he lied and the things he says don't relate to reality. That sounds familiar, where have I heard it before, Jeff?

Bobby or Katrina?

The question of which was worse thing to happen to the state - Bobby Jindal or Hurricane Katrina - is posed here, but never really examined with cold hard facts. Look, Jindal screwed us but has yet to be responsible for a massive amount of people losing their homes or lives. I think we can settle this one pretty easily.

Budget Sausage

You don't want to see how the sausage is made, especially when it is made with your money.

The Daily Distraction: Was it Delivery or was it Digiorno?

Not to make light of this case of domestic abuse (or cases of habitual and life threatening domestic abuse by comparing them to this), but in Eunice a piece of pepperoni pizza was used to assault a woman during an argument. Scratches and threats of stabbing were exchanged, cheese and pepperoni was stuck to her head and she was taken to a hospital for a burn to her face. Both parties were arrested and the police chief gave the quote of the year: “That squabble got a little saucy." As for me, I'd allow my wife to hit me in the face with a slice as long as it has extra pepperoni and my mouth is open.