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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Ah, but does he do windows?

What's Next?

Now that the budget is (not) done, the regular session is upon us. What's in store? Oh, not much other than protection for gay marriage opponents, some stuff about nonhuman primate service animals, limiting the amount of money state agencies can use to buy sculptures. You know, the usual.

Hug it Out

Senate President John Alario says to for legislators to leave all that bad stuff behind and give each other a hug. Seriously. That's what he said.

Drive-by Fostering

Louisiana Voice's Tom Aswell uses an arrest for falsifying records to jump into the cuts that have been made under Bobby Jindal's time in office. He has an email from a Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services supervisor who says things are far from up to par. It points out drive-by checks on foster homes conducted without stepping into the home. Aswell provides numbers on the program's deficits. To say the least, it doesn't look good and likely will not get better in our time of cuts. Maybe workers could be replaced by nanny cams? That sounds like top quality care, eh?

But I want to Forget!

The American Press has a pretty good summary of what is behind us on the special session and what is yet to come. That is, if you aren't sick of it already.

NOLA, Space City

Wait, there's rockets and NASA in New Orleans?

A Flood of Problems

The flooding in northern and eastern parts of our state is experiencing is bringing back Katrina and Rita memories. It is so bad, some areas (but not the ones above New Orleans where it is needed as well) have been declared disaster areas by President Obama. Let's see, budget crisis, economy in the toilet. higher education in jeopardy, no money for public defenders, taxes going up and now flooding. What more can go wrong? That's a rhetorical question, please don't answer it.

Better Call Saul

Forget the Fifth Amendment, forget due process, there's a budget crisis. Forget the old saying that if you commit a crime, be sure you can afford a good lawyer. Now, in Louisiana, be sure you can afford any lawyer because one will not be provided.

The Daily Distraction: Let's Get Carried Away (Again)!

Woo hoo! Gas prices are going up! Let's cut taxes!