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Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Vitter just can't get any love.

JBE is a Hugger Too

John Bel Edwards wants to hug it out too. In his state of the state speech, he called for unity and played to the crowd using Louisiana's uniqueness. One thing he also called for was rail service from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. Look, that would be neat, but - if it involves any state money, even if there is a federal match - let's focus on righting the budget and fixing the basics before we get all Tokyo Bullet Train.

Bobby on Trump, Again

Oh, Bobby Jindal. Here, The Raisin says Donald Trump is fine with big government as long as he is running it. Please. Stop. No one really cares what your little Raisin head thinks about the Donald. Then again, at least he is not trying to lend a hand to Louisiana.

JBE is all about the Applause

If you were wondering what got applause and what didn't in John Bel Edwards' state of the state speech, here's a handy break down. According to this both sides like bucking Washington, D.C. trends and gaining local control of education. Equal pay for women, not so much.

Big Vitter News

Yay! David Vitter is coming to Lafayette ... said no one ever.

The Hayride Borrows From the Voice

The Hayride has no use for progressive/left-leaning sites like Louisiana Voice, except for when they steal material from them and don't give credit. In that case, they are pretty useful.

Not Gentlemen Lawmakers

Not everyone is hugging it out: Rep. Valarie Hodges of Denham Springs spoke to Moon Griffon about the nastiness she says she faced for refusing to vote for tax increases. Legislators not being upstanding human beings? No way!

The Daily Distraction: Alexandria - Big City Problems, Small City Attractions

Not to be left out, Alexandria has a confederate monument fight brewing. Just don't go to Colfax, y'all. You won't like what you find.