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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

Oh, don't mind me ... I'm just trying to see how deep this can go.

More Special Sessions on the Way

Looks like more taxes are on the way. Yesterday. numbers were released that show Louisiana still faces a deficit of more than $70 million in the current budget cycle and will fall some $750 million short in the coming year. Most legislators say this can't be overcome without more taxes.

Today's Bobby Jindal Nonsense

Bill Moyers called out Bobby Jindal specifically as one of the things that led to Donald Trump's acsension. This goes against the theory expressed by Jindal that Obama created Trump. Meanwhile, in Jindal's daily here's-what-I-think report, he says voters want politicians to know that they work for us, not the other way around. Can you please tell us again how you were working for us while stumping in Iowa?

Voting on Bobby

According to Jeremy Alford, the regular session will not just be politics as usual but a referendum on Bobby Jindal and, specifically, his education reform. Notes Alford, “These bills have the political gunpowder to launch mini-wars that would pit the right against the left and business against unions.” So much for hugging it out.

There's no Business Like Show business

The Advocate says that if the special session was a play on Broadway, it would get cancelled. Instead, it gets another run via the regular session.According to Stephanie Grace, John Bel Edwards will have a tough role to tackle. And there's no understudy. I think I'd rather watch a Broadway musical ... and I hate Broadway musicals.

Don't Pay Today, Pay More Tomorrow

With public defender offices across the state too broke to function, we could face tremendous legal fees down the road as convictions are overturned and appealed. That's ok, that is a problem for another day's budget and we love to kick the can in Louisiana.

Butt Head

Ugh, what's worse? Smoking or being a dog killer? How about being a dog killer because your mommy wouldn't give you money for cigarettes?

The Daily Distraction: Food

Hey, but at least we can eat good! New Orleans received more nominations - per capita - for the James Beard award than any city in America and the third most overall.