La La Land

Friday’s Blogs from the Bog


Friends in Oil Places

John Bel Edwards has already started fundraising for reelection, turning to a once-enemy for some dough. Political action committees linked to the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association and the Louisiana Chemical Association joined forces to throw him a fundraiser. Don Briggs, the president of LOGA, said it is a no-brainer as, "He's governor." While it is very early, he's got the right idea: if Edwards doesn't pull us through this budget gap with minimal taxes and cuts, he will need every penny come 2019.

As Usual

Louisiana Voice points out that the qualifications for a six-figure state job is not what you know but to whom you are married. Oh, and the job has been unfilled for five years, meaning we probably could have gotten by with it being vacant during our time of cuts.

Da Berry Doesn't Disappoint

They throwin' cats in Da Berry.

Swamp Grass

Man, I don't know if it is this weed or these laws in New Orleans, but ... hey, have you seen my Doritos?


The Saints have signed James Laurinaitis of the Rams. The linebacker helped put the Rams over the Saints the last couple years in some really ugly games on our part. Bonus: he is the son of Road Warrior Animal!

Clay Higgins on the Job

Do you feel safer already? Clay Higgins has signed on as a reserve deputy marshal for the city of Lafayette. Don't get too excited: Shaq has a similar post and I don't see him out fighting crime. I guess the good news is he is not out there going solo vigilante on bad guys.

Truth and Fiction

Daryl Dixon/Norma Reedus from the Walking Dead was in Lafayette Wednesday. That is a fact. Seen it on the Facebook (watch that hand son, she's a badass judoka) . But, what he was here for is a different story. The Daily Crawfish gets the scoop.

The Daily Distraction: Catahoula is Nuts

On Monday, Mr. Peanut's Nutmobile was spotted in Catahoula. There was very little info given on this and there's even less to support it on the Nutmobile's website. Nothing else has come out of the story. Either it is the weirdest stop on its tour or someone coming out of Red's Levee Bar saw a tan RV.