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Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

Hmmm, sounds promising.

Polls and Results

A new UNO poll details what Louisiana residents are thinking about the state of things in the state. For one, they are slowly changing their opinion about John Bel Edwards and remain negative on Bobby Jindal. In three weeks since the last polling, JBE's rating went from 34 to 43 percent. That is still pretty low but is still better than what they think about Jindal - nearly half blame him for the budget crisis. Both are whipping the legislature, which has a 15 percent favorability rating. In another poll, this one by LSU, 63 percent said the state is moving in the wrong direction. That's not really surprising. What's surprising is how did they find people who didn't think we are heading downhill?

Dealing and Wheeling

Louisiana Voice cries foul over what the Advocate called a secret deal between Senate President John Alario, House Speaker Taylor Barras and lobbyists for LABI and the Louisiana Chemical Association over a tax break for manufacturing. Man, some people just don't learn. This is why you have a 15 percent favorability rating.

Vitter and Cassidy Back the Block

David Vitter and Bill Cassidy are on somewhat of the same page when it comes to President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. While Vitter rules out action, Cassidy says he would be down for a courtesy meeting but opposes voting on him. Well, that seems like a big serving of nothing.

Bobby's Future

There's a great deal of recapping what you already know about Bobby Jindal in this piece, but the last quarter is about his future moves. What will happen? Speaking engagements, seats on boards and - because he is young and we are so forgetful - re-entry into politics.

More than One Direction for One Acadiana

Solutions! With the oil industry tanking, One Acadiana presented a study showing where we can go instead. You hear that, T? We going back to work!

Monky Business

Why, back in my day you could depend on Buddhist monks to spout Zen like statements, reject materialism and destroy you in some martial arts, even if they had no legs. Nowadays, they roll them dice. Kids today are missing out.

The Daily Distraction: Flooded for Your Safety

The Daily Crawfish reports on officials using floods keeping Interstate 10 safe. While they are at it, let's flood Ambassador at Chick-Fil-A so people will stop parking on the road so they can get them waffle fries.