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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

What can me say, it's Monday.


In case you haven't heard the mainstream media's reports on protesters shutting down the roads leading to a Donald Trump rally: protesters shut down the roads leading to a Donald Trump rally. There's a Louisiana connection: the lead protester - who chained her check to the door of a van - lives in New Orleans (she is originally from Mexico). Man, I really wanted to hear what he was going to say.

Perks over Budget

Yeah, I get it. It's a pain having to commute to Baton Rouge, and you don't make that much - never mind the $157 a day allotment for expenses. But, how about instead of cutting services and raising taxers, we turn the Pentagon Barracks into private housing and make money off of them instead of renting them to legislators for cheap? If you don't like it, I don't know, move out the way and let someone take your spot in the office to which you were elected to serve (not to get perks).

Whiz Kid

Apparently, the financing magic Bobby Jindal worked to keep the budget passed on down the line "alive" during his time in office makes payday loans look like a good idea. What's the vig? About $231 million in extra charges to be paid by us. I wish I ran a big company so I could put him on the board. That guy knows how to run things.

Landrieu Must Show his Cards

The Hayride seems downright giddy that New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu lost his battle with The Lens and now must make public what firms are benefiting from city contracts. Chill guys, the monuments are still coming down.

The Daily Distraction: Me, Myself but not I

Tom Aswell goes all Internerd grammar Nazi on the LSU baseball commentators use of "I" when they shoudl have said "me." Me know, its a slow blog day for I.