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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

Don't mind me, I'm just going to mess with all your stuff when you are gone.

Bel Bashing Bobby

Who is bashing Bobby today? Why it's John Bel Edwards (via The Advocate)! The Advocate shows how much of Edwards' legislative agenda seeks to counter things Jindal did. Stop making the Hayride mad already.

Not Really Satire

The Red Shtick reveals the key for defeating Donald Trump: Bobby Jindal. Not as a candidate, oh no that would never work, but with an endorsement. Please, Bobby, we promise we will leave you alone.

It's About to Get REAL

The Senate Transportation Committee moved towards making our IDs complaint with REAL ID requirements. Now, there are a few more steps to take and we won't need to replace our old ones before 2020 but I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk: The new licenses are (almost) here! The new licenses are (almost) here! We're finally somebody.

Happy Town, USA

Just how happy are we? The Today Show came to town to answer that question. Cause, you know, we are the happiest place in the United States. Those happy people must have never tried to make a left turn on Johnston Street or exit the CVS on the corner of Verot and Ambassador.


The hunt is on. Louisiana Voice reports that the FBI is investigating the Louisiana State Troopers Association campaign contributions to Louisiana candidates. Looks like they didn't contribute to the right fund.

The Daily Distraction: Friends don't Unfriend Because of Bad Political Choices

For real guys, it's only the election of our president, NBD.