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(Not) Holding it down in Cell Block D. Looks like Burl Cain won’t be heading back to Angola as an inmate.

[Whoa, Warden]( Whoa, Warden-6337/)

Looks like Burl Cain won't be heading back to Angola as an inmate. Two investigations cleared the former warden of wrongdoing. That's great for him, but I was kinda hoping to see him go back in and run the joint as El Jeffe, tatted up and giving the shiv to those who oppose him.

[Kennedy's got Complaining Down to an Art]('s got Complaining Down to an Art-6338/)

Remember when State Treasurer John Kennedy went all angry American about the expensive art at the New Charity Hospital. According to Lamar White, Jr., he shouldn't be throwing stones at glass art when he leaves in a glass house - or actually a non-state owned office that costs us more money than one that is owned by the state. White has records that show Kennedy's office has at least $300,000 in art, including a Clementine Hunter piece. How about we put that up for auction and move you into a state office before we talk about expenses?

[Veto No Go]( No Go-6339/)

Republicans in the House have ended their drive to veto line item edits from John Bel Edwards in the budget cuts. Not that they had a change of heart, but the votes just weren't there. Or, maybe, it was that it might mean working on Good Friday and we can't have that!

[Grace gets REAL]( gets REAL-6340/)

Stephanie Grace talks about how much a pain boarding flights can be with a Louisiana ID because we don't have REAL ID (the headline suggests it is timely in the wake of Brussels attacks but it doesn't really elaborate on how. Grace writes that will all change). The big question here is: how do you afford air travel on a journalist's salary?

[The Daily Distraction: Huggies for Chickens]( The Daily Distraction: Huggies for Chickens-6341/)

Just in time for Easter, it's the Chicken Diaper - made proudly in St. Tammany Parish. But wait, there's more! They are res-usable!