Scott Jordan

David Vitter irony alert

With losses to Democrats in three recent special elections in solid Republican territory — including Louisiana’s 6th District — the national Republican Party continues to fret about its fall prospects. Virginia Republican Rep. Tom Davis didn’t mince words last week, saying that Republicans could lose 20 to 25 seats in the November elections. A Times-Picayune story today asking Louisiana Republicans’ take on the situation offers this nugget:

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., said he doesn’t agree with Davis’ pessimistic assessment, but he does say “it’s certainly true that national Republicans need to improve their brand.
“Perhaps folks should actually take some cues from Republicans in Louisiana,” Vitter said. “At home, we’re the party of reform and positive changes versus failed past and the good ol’ boys.”

If the national Republican Party wants to “improve their brand,” they probably don’t want David “Serious Sin” Vitter as an advisor or spokesman.