Mary Tutwiler

Bringing Congrès Mondial back home to Louisiana

by Mary Tutwiler

The first gathering of the Acadian families, expelled from their homes in Canada in 1755 by the British army, was held in 1994 in New Brunswick. Called the Congrès Mondial Acadien , this grand reunion of the scattered cousins is held every five years; the 1999 CMA took place in Louisiana, 2004 in Nova Scotia, and the 2009 Congrès Mondial will converge on New Brunswick’s Acadian Peninsula. In a bid to bring the 2014 reunion back to Cajun country, a group of young Cajuns are beginning brainstorming on how to involve the next generation in celebrating our French Acadian heritage. Valerie Broussard, Lucius Fontenot and Stephen Ortego will lead a discussion tonight (May 21st) from 5 to 7 pm at the Blue Moon Saloon. The bar will be open and Mais Mangez Cadien will be serving food. This session is open to everyone. For more information contact Rachelle Dugas, at [email protected] or 291-5489.