Festival Fusion

Louis Michot, left, and Spider Stacy perform at One Eyed Jacks

For a performance called Poguetry in Motion, Spider Stacy of The Pogues will be joined by the Lost Bayou Ramblers, who back him playing songs from the famed Celtic rock band’s repertoire. While this is a Festival International debut, it is their second Lafayette appearance. LBR’s fiddler and vocalist Louis Michot talks about what to expect.

How did this whole collaboration come about?

Spider saw us play at One Eyed Jacks [in New Orleans] and knew at that moment we were the band he’d like to back him up — as The Pogues had stopped performing — and he wanted to continue playing music.

Tell us a little bit of what we should expect?

If you know what LBR sounds like, imagine us playing Pogues’ tunes with a great front man as Spider. And the tin-whistle/ fiddle/accordion go very well together. It’s very interesting as Cajun music has some Gaelic roots, and The Pogues are known for pushing the envelope on classic Irish music, as LBR is known for in Cajun music.

What is your favorite part of the show?

When the crowd sings every word to every song.

Before getting together, were you a big fan of his?

Not so much. My wife had introduced me to “A Pair of Brown Eyes” years ago, and I liked their music, but was not a hardcore fan. Since meeting Spider, I’ve really grown to love The Pogues’ music that much more, as great music made by very humble downto-earth people is hard to beat.

How has it gone so far?

We’ve only played a handful of shows, and it feels like we’ve been playing together for years. It’s a very natural collaboration, and the music comes easy to us, as it’s all based on the rhythmic intensity and melodic unity.

Y’all always seem to be adding and expanding your lexicon. For you, why is that so important?

The world of music is so huge, there’s so much amazing music to learn and even more to be made. LBR has been involved in so many collaborations that it’s become an inspiration to be able to meet and make music with the amazing people we cross paths with. When musicians are comfortable with what they do, and drama free, it sets the ground for amazing music to be made, not worried about what will come of it, but enjoying what’s being made in the moment. — NP

Lost Bayou Ramblers present Poguetry in Motion ft. Spider Stacey happens at 7:45 p.m. Friday, April 22 at Scène Chevron Héritage.