Today’s good idea: Name new Youngsville high school ‘Schooly McSchoolface’

There’s a petition at Go sign it. Now!

It’s not getting much traction on, the petition website where good intentions go to die. Not yet anyway. But Lafayette resident and tech professional Bryan Fuselier came up with a great name for the new high school in Youngsville — one that won’t bunch up the panties of the nice folks in Broussard who have an inferiority complex about all things Youngsville (where the school will be located): Schooly McSchoolface. Brilliant!

Lafayette Parish School System officials and the south Lafayette Parish communities that will feed the school — Youngsville, Broussard and parts of unincorporated parish — have yet to settle on a name for the new high school. Top selections are Youngsville High, Caneview High, Veterans Memorial High, Cypress High.

Recently, the folks in Youngsville called for the school to be named after their city, where it will be located. But Broussard is having none of it, arguing that because Broussard contributes more taxes to the parish than does Youngsville, Broussard kids shouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of attending a dinky-sounding Youngsville High School; the facility, Broussard insists, should instead take a neutral name. Like Schooly McSchoolface.

Fuselier’s righteous cause is directed at the Lafayette Parish School Board, but it has only 11 signatories thus far. To join the cause, click here.