Nathan Stubbs

Perrilloux Speaks

by Nathan Stubbs

In an interview with Yahoo Sports , Ryan Perrilloux talks for the first time about the events leading to his recent dismissal from the LSU football team. Following a string of team suspensions in a tumultuous two-year career at LSU, the heir apparent quarterback was kicked off the team last month after again violating team rules. Coach Les Miles never stated the direct reason for Perrilloux’s dismissal, although reports surfaced that Perrilloux had failed a drug test.

Perrilloux, now starting over at Division II Jacksonville State in North Ala., declines to answer a question regarding the drug test. Perrilloux does tell Yahoo Sports he has battled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and was prescribed medication for anxiety symptoms. He also talks about some of his other past troubles, which he hopes to now put behind him. "It took me to be dismissed from LSU to realize I have to be a person that does the right things all of the time,” he says. His first game at Jacksonville State will be a nationally televised ESPN game against Georgia Tech. “This school is perfect for me,” Perrilloux says. “It’s in a small town. I’m surrounded by good people, good supportive people. It’s just a great opportunity for my second chance at a college football career.”