Mommy Guide: The Registry The must-haves for new mommas

by Amanda Jean Harris

The must-haves for new mommas

Before I had a baby I thought I had my bases covered. I would breast feed and then I would buy some diapers. And a pacifier. Oh and some bottles. I would need a breast pump, too. What are nursing pads? Oh, goodness. That registry is suddenly getting long.

It was five years ago, and I called in reinforcements via my far more organized sister who had a baby at the time. Crisis averted. Wipe warmer on the list. I was ready for the baby.
In the baby world, a half decade later seems more like dog years. Much has changed.

Today the rock and play is rocking the top of every new momma’s list (super lightweight, kind of like a cross between a bouncer and a bassinet and so very portable), and a slew of new items are now making the must-have list. We checked in with Acadiana’s momma experts (new mommas, of course) for a list of what they say every new mom welding a registry gun has gotta get. (And, yes, we will give definitions for those oddly named items.)

Nose Frieda

The new version of a nose suction, this uses the pressure from you sucking to gently pull out mucous (and it is impossible for the one sucking to get actual mucous in the mouth. Trust us, this one works, and it’s super cheap.)

Baby Bullet

Like a mini food processor, it’s easy to clean with many mini pots to store homemade purees for baby. Bonus: It’s awesome for quick grown-up things like a little batch of pesto or hummus.

Rock ’n’ Play

The very lightweight portable bassinet that’s great for naps on the go.

Colic Calm

No idea why that baby is fussing? Is she pulling her legs up? Could be a case of colic or gas or maybe a bit of both. Colic Calm knocks it out with a few drops.

Swaddle blankets

Never underestimate how much better a baby sleeps when properly swaddled. The hospital nurse will show you how, or Google it and teach everyone who will watch your child how to do it. Moms swear by Aden + Anais brand. They are lightweight, breathable and stay tucked for wiggly newborns.

Video monitor

Ease concerns about every noise the little one makes with a monitor. Check iTunes for iPhone options that sync to your device and remember to secure the connection because certain monitors are more prone to hacking. And nobody wants a stranger watching her baby sleep.

Next-level monitors

If video still doesn’t ease your mind, try a Snuzza, which is a mobile baby monitor that monitors breathing and movement, or Angel Care Monitor — this bad boy alerts if your child stops breathing to help prevent SID.


Opinions on the best bottles vary, and it really depends on the child. I would advise asking fellow moms to borrow a variety before committing to one brand. Many moms swear by Dr. Brown’s, a brand that now makes options that work for babies at different phases.