Feet of Clay, run!

by Walter Pierce

The Higg, AKA Clay “The Cajun John Wayne” Higgins, will announce Wednesday which seat in Congress — the U.S. House or Senate — he will win in November.

The Higg, AKA Clay “The Cajun John Wayne” Higgins, announced Wednesday which seat in Congress — the U.S. House or Senate — he will win in November.

The former St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office captain, who shot to fame with CrimeStopper videos that aired weekly on local television, tells The Advocate that “God has another plan for me” and that he “will go to Washington D.C. representing the real Americans and the real Acadiana.” (The article also contains some eye-opening accusations of domestic abuse and protective orders in The Higgs' not-too-distant past.)

We’re not quite sure who the real Americans and real Acadiana are, but we’re confident The Higg will soak Capitol Hill in enough testosterone to more than accommodate for President Trump’s ladyhands. Regardless, we're confident that 1,900 miles is a safe distance between Lafayette and The Higg, who, our ideas about safe distances notwithstanding, might also consider waiting a just a bit longer for the opportunity to run for Lafayette city marshal as the current office-holder likely will not be in that office by year’s end (wink-wink).

Countdown to Glory: Clay Higgins Goes to DCCountdown

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Incidentally, as the images below indicate, Higgins shot his most recent video at the Lafayette city marshal’s office. He’s wearing a uniform issued by the office — The Higg was sworn in as a reserve deputy in March by City Marshal Brian Pope — and notice the grain and knot patterns in the piece of Louisiana art in both images, not to mention the flags. We don’t think Pope violated any state ethics laws prohibiting the use of an elected office and/or resources for campaigning because Higgins doesn’t actually announce a bid for office in the video. (We would love to know who footed the bill for that slickly produced video, however.) The Higg later told local media he planned to use the public response to the video as a gauge for whether to seek elected office. As the Advocate article points out, he evidently got a resounding yes from Jane Q. Public.