Leslie Turk

Victoria Reggie picking up Camelot crown?

by Leslie Turk

The speculation has already begun that Victoria Reggie Kennedy, wife of U.S. Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy, may run for her ailing husband's seat in Congress. Known as Vicki, the Crowley native is being promoted in Democrat circles as a potential contender for the seat, which her husband has held since 1962 (the seat having been vacated two years earlier by his brother John when he was elected president).

The 76-year-old Democratic senator from Massachusetts was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor but has given no indication he plans to resign his position. He is still seeking medical advice on his treatment.

A former Washington lawyer with no political experience, Vicki is a member of the prominent Reggie family that has been close to the Kennedys for decades. Her father, former Judge Edmund Reggie, managed presidential campaigns in Louisiana for Ted Kennedy in 1980 and his brothers, John and Robert, in 1960 and 1968, respectively.