Cajun Heartland State Fair returns this weekend The eleven day state fair provides the best in family entertainment for children of all ages.

The 28th Annual Cajun Heartland State Fair returns to the Cajundome in Lafayette this weekend from May 27 - June 5 for a week and a half full of ride specials, carnival food, free attractions and family friendly games just in time for summer.

The eleven day state fair provides the best in family entertainment for children of all ages. North American Midway Entertainment will have several super rides including a giant Ferris Wheel, Crazy Mouse and the Mega Drop. There will also be games and free attractions that are sure to entertain everyone.

In addition to the rides and food, the fair will also have tons of family friendly entertainment including the Show Me Safari Petting Zoo, the Show Me Swine Pig Races and the Show Me Pony Rides, not to mention the Backyard Circus where children can pretend to be animals in a circus.

“It’s an interactive pretend show where the kids get to participate and be a part of the circus, so it’s completely separate and doesn’t contain animals,” says Heidi Romero Champagne, marketing director at the Cajundome. “They get to pretend and be a part of the show and interact as if they’re the animals.”

The ever popular giant inflatable attractions at the COX Communications Inflatable Park will be returning as well, which will now be held inside the Cajundome Convention Center.

“In case there is some bad weather, we wanted guests to just come inside and play on the inflatables,” says Champagne. “We’ll have concessions and clean bathrooms so they can come in to cool off and then when the rain stops they can go back outside to ride. So we’re really excited about adding that on.”

One of those inflatable attractions is the Zipline and Warrior Challenge Park where children can challenge themselves and their friends and family to undertake a harrowing journey through an intricate obstacle course designed to find out who among them is truly a rugged warrior.

Also back by popular demand is the Fearless Flores’ Circus Thrill Act.

“They’re more of an acrobatic feature where they also do the motorcycles in the cage,” says Champagne. “They do a completely different show each year, except that I insist that they return with the motorcycles in the globe because it’s the biggest feature; everybody really likes that.”

The 28th Annual Cajun Heartland State Fair begins Memorial Day Weekend and continues through June 5 at the Cajundome. The fair opens at 5 p.m. on weekdays and 12 p.m. noon on weekends and offers free admission, though parking is $10 per vehicle. No ice chests or pets are allowed. Find ticket prices and nightly specials now.