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Wilson named Safety Management Systems’ EOTY

Jeremy Wilson

Safety Management Systems, a division of Acadian, recognized paramedic Jeremy Wilson as the company’s 2016 Employee of the Year at Acadian’s annual company meeting. According to a release, the award “is given to an employee who has provided outstanding service to SMS with a positive and supportive attitude.”

Employed with SMS since 2012, Wilson serves as an Environmental, Health and Safety lead supervisor and paramedic at a client site in North Dakota. He was nominated by five coworkers who praised his positive attitude and eagerness to work with others. One peer recounted Wilson saving the life of a motorist who was in a car wreck, trapped in his car and, but for the fast action of Wilson, would have been swept away in a flash flood.

“His attitude and mentality regarding his role and contribution to those he engages with is what all team members should strive to mimic,” one nominator wrote.