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Blue Agave to become Blue Apache

by Patrick Flanagan

Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant will open its second location later this summer under a new name.

The new addition will be called Blue Apache, says the restaurant's owner, Roberto Cervantes, and will be located at 905 Savoy Road across from the Sports Complex in Youngsville.

Blue Agave first opened for business over eight years ago at The Village at Southpark Shopping Center on West Pinhook. The restaurant has proven popular ever since, and with Youngsville's population boom, Cervantes says it was time to tap into this potentially lucrative new market.

"This new area is growing up real fast, and we thought being across from the Sports Complex was a good place to be," explains Cervantes. "They need more restaurants out there, and with all that activity from the Sports Complex, that's why we're going."

And that's where the name change comes into play, as another of Lafayette's popular Mexican restaurants, Agave, is also set to open a new location in the Youngsville area.

While the new Agave location will open in a different area of Youngsville -- near the Rouse's on LA 92 -- Cervantes says this is what's forcing his decision to drop the Agave and re-brand as Blue Apache.

"We'll be changing the other location name as well, but we're not sure when," says Cervantes. "We need to open the new location first and see if the customers react. It's kinda scary. We want to make sure the customers understand we're the same."

That means the same menu, same hours, same authentic-styled Mexican food we've come to expect from Blue Agave's original restaurant.

With the new location undergoing finishing touches, Cervantes says he tentatively expects Blue Apache to be open by late July.