We’ve got the Wurst Bier. Just the Wurst. Mead, Brats and Pommes Frites at The Wurst Biergarten

by Christiaan Mader

Photo by Robin May

There’s nothing more quintessentially American than beer — born in Egypt, raised in Europe, imported by Czechs and Germans and commodified by their progeny into tasteless logos of swill. Leave it to a bunch of hipsters in the Pacific Northwest to “fix it” with their “micro-brews” and “bicycles” and “dedication to quality and sustainable business practices.” Jerks. Go back to Communist Mexico where you belong.

Biergarten culture is something that has largely passed Lafayette by, in no small part due to our prodigiously balmy weather and poor physical health. But with Lafayette slowly — and I mean slowly — catching up with regionalized brew culture that has revitalized the sleepiest of warehouse districts across the nation, we need a proper venue to enjoy hilariously large glasses of brew.

Fortunately, we’ve found it at The Wurst. While the environment is more East Side Austin than Old Town Munich, there’s plenty of outdoor seating to breathe in the fresh air of freedom before the Drumpf Reich begins. The brats are snappy to the tooth and the pommes frites are salty, sloppy and divine. I’m a sucker for fries; it doesn’t matter what socialist words you use to describe them.

For this particular essay, I sampled a “small” glass of imported English mead. At the time, Britain was still part of the EU, which frankly didn’t affect the taste of the honey-wine brew whatsoever. Small is naturally a relative term, and given the “small” I imbibed I can only imagine the large would have the volumetric proportions of Donald Trump’s ego — that is to say metaphysically boundless. Needless to say I didn’t finish it. It was lunch on a work day. I have a liberal agenda to spread.

Pro Tip — Good God, we know it’s hot. Either go home or drink another lager.

The Wurst Biergarten is located at 537 Jefferson St. in Downtown Lafayette