Scott Jordan

Hormonal in the Legislature

It’s only Tuesday and I’m sure plenty of contenders will step up to the plate, but we may have our quote-of-the-week winner from the Louisiana Legislature. WAFB has a story today that begins:

At the Capitol, legislators might adopt a daily uniform. Everyone would dress the same, like in school. It sounds silly, but some are already trying it out.

Now, before you question the wisdom of our lawmakers using taxpayer dollars to debate such an initiative, don’t fret. It turns out that the women legislators in the House Transportation Committee are informally collaborating to wear matching colors. It was black two weeks ago, white last week, turquoise and brown this week, and they haven’t decided on next week’s color yet. Rep. Karen St. Germaine told WAFB, “I don’t have enough time to think about what I’m going to wear, so the memo saves me that day. I know exactly what I’m going to wear, like a uniform.” The color solidarity has its advantages, says St. Germaine. “Women get kind of lost in the shuffle sometimes and we just said, ‘Hello. Here we are.’”

Germaine adds:

It’s a little bit better than standing up and yelling on a hormonal day. This was a lot more effective.