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Legends takes next step toward world domination A seventh Lafayette location

by Christiaan Mader

How many Legends will it take to satisfy you, oh Lafayette?

The world famous Legends spicy tuna wrap, an important ingredient in empire building.
Photo by Robin May

Legends will roll out a ninth location to its growing empire of watering holes, opening in the former Eddie’s BBQ on Pinhook Road.

Or maybe it's the eighth? It really depends if you count the yet-to-be-completed Legends Pub location which was announced earlier this year. Then there's that one in Broussard that closed after it caught on fire in 2013, which will reportedly reopen sometime in the future. We've counted that one here, but you could argue that, since it's not currently open we shouldn't. Let's just stick with "several" as in "there are several Legends."

Since opening its first location on Bertrand Drive in 2003, Legends has fruitfully multiplied around Lafayette with a no-frills bar concept that has yet found no end to its marketability. You can’t really argue with the simple pleasures of a homemade burger and reasonably priced beer, so maybe it should come as no surprise that the humble franchise is outpacing some national chains.

Frozen margaritas don't really do it for this reporter, but I understand that I may be in the minority. That said, Legends has earned its place in the pantheon of Lafayette burgers — well-spiced, house ground and amply greased. It's a high quality burger that doesn't futz with frou frou. Thanks for that, Legends.

In May, Legends owner Jared Doise announced a new riff on the spartan concept with the first Legends Pub set to open later this year inside the former Bob’s Pub on the south side of town.

The Daily Advertiser reported then that Doise intends to reopen the Broussard location that burned down in 2013. If all goes according to Doise's diabolical business plan, by year's end there would be one Legends in Broussard, seven in Lafayette, eight counting the pub concept.

With Doise’s eye reportedly on Breaux Bridge and Scott, it looks like Legends could IPO in the next decade.

The latest Legends will open this fall at 3439 W. Pinhook Road in Lafayette.