APP FOR DAT - Blue Cross symptom checker

Mysterious rash? Swollen ankle? Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has an app for that. Customers using the Blue Cross mobile app can now search their symptoms by keyword or body area and see a suggested diagnosis and list of recommended treatments. The app also helps customers decide when they should call 911, go to the emergency room or visit their family doctor.


• Get a map and directions to a nearby doctor’s office or facility that is in their network, easing their access to care

• See important information about their healthcare coverage benefits, including the status of their claims, deductibles, copayment amounts, coinsurance and balances

• Save doctor or claims details to a favorites list for easy access upon return visits; customers can also save doctor information, including name, phone number and address-to their contacts list.

• Click-to-call Blue Cross customer service or submit questions securely with claims data attached, allowing for a streamlined response

Users can find the app by searching “BCBSLA” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The apps can also be found by visiting from any mobile device.