LCG waives permit fees for flood repair

Before any repair work begins, such as replacement of sheetrock, the Codes Division must be contacted for permitting and inspection as necessary.

Mayor Joel Robideaux has issued an executive order waiving regular fees for building permits in Lafayette Parish. The order will benefit thousands of residents facing costly repairs and reconstruction associated with the recent floods.

From a press release issued late Tuesday by Lafayette Consolidated Government:

As property owners begin demolition and repair following the significant flooding in Lafayette Parish, Robideaux directed the Codes Division within Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) to suspend the standard fee required for permitting and inspection of repairs and construction. The fee waiver is applicable to construction and repairs necessitated by flood-related damage caused by the storm event beginning on August 12, 2016.

The fee waiver is effective immediately beginning August 15, 2016 and will remain in effect until the expiration of the current state of emergency or earlier termination by a separate executive order.

With increasing cleanup efforts, residents, businesses, and property owners are reminded to purchase the proper permits for flood damage repair and reconstruction. It may be safe for individuals to begin some demolition, including removing damaged sheetrock and insulation. However, before any repair work begins, such as replacement of sheetrock, the Codes Division must be contacted at 337-291-8461 for permitting and inspection as necessary.

In most cases a minimal residential repair permit is all that is required and can be obtained at the Clifton Chenier Center at 220 W. Willow St., Bld. B. Substantially damaged homes will be subject to additional requirements and permitting.

Citizens who have experienced flood damage should follow the tips below to document the loss to property, as well as tips to rebuild:

Anyone impacted by flooding should register with FEMA at 800-621-FEMA (800-621-3362).

Be prepared to provide the name of property owner, address of damaged property, if the property is covered by flood insurance, the amount of water in the building and approximate cost to repair to pre-flood condition.

● If you currently have flood insurance, contact your insurance company for guidance on filing a claim

● Take photos of all damage to property prior to repairs or cleanup

● Save all receipts for work done and all materials purchased

● Use only state licensed and registered contractors for any repairs

● Purchase permits prior to repair or reconstruction. Contact the LCG Codes Division for assistance.