JBE: Special ‘flood session’ unlikely

by Jeremy Alford, LaPolitics


As Gov. John Bel Edwards works to make sure the state’s financial condition — meaning spending more money than there is revenue coming in — doesn’t hamper recovery efforts, he’s also signaling to lawmakers that a special session just to address the flooding event will not be needed. A special session was held in 2005 following hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

From a policy perspective, one of the top priorities for the Edwards administration right now is carrying out its initial plan for housing, with nearly 3,000 people still stuck in shelters, according to the state’s most recent tally.

Currently assistance in being offered in the way of hotel rooms and rental properties. That could be expended in the coming weeks

Trailers were made available after Katrina in 2005 and FEMA oversaw that “temporary housing mission” for seven years until all of those households moved on to more permanent living quarters.