Vermilionville officially reopens this Friday

Damaged by flood, the historic village is set to welcome visitors this Friday.

Vermilionville is set to reopen its doors on Friday, Sept. 9, for the first time since the South Louisiana floods of 2016 shuttered it nearly a month ago.

According to a release from Vermilionville Communications Director Erin Segura, the main campus suffered a significant amount of damage, including several feet of water in the Bayou Operations and Louisiana Folk Roots offices, as well as throughout the historic village and folklife park.

Until recently, the village was only accessible by boat, due to the Bayou Vermilion topping its 16 foot levees, narrowly missing entering the historic homes and reproductions by approximately 5 inches.

Once the Bayou Vermilion descended to 16 feet, the Bayou Operations team was able to pump water out of the area, allowing staff and volunteers to enter and clean the affected homes and artifacts.

Vermilionville was able to reopen partially last Saturday as its festive area, which includes the restaurant La Cuisine de Maman and the Performance Center, was minimally damaged and was therefore restored to its regular functionality more quickly than the rest of the campus.

The historic village and folklife park will reopen in full to visitors on Friday, Sept. 9 at 10 a.m. For a calendar with descriptions of upcoming events, including the Sept. 24 Native American Culture Day, visit Vermilionville.org.