Party Girl

Party Girl 06.11.2008

Annie K. Thomas, Michelle Boudreaux, Meredith Stokes, Jennifer Whipple, Kate Leleux, and Jennifer Ducharme

Nancy Mouille, Michelle Boudreaux, Jennifer Ducharme, and Meredith Stokes

It was a rainy day in April, and all I could see as I drove into driveway of the Ducharme residence was a sea of white. The home of Jeff and Andy Ducharme was filled with 11 St. Thomas More Sweet 16s all wearing chic white dresses ready for their Sweet 16 dance. There were no carriages and white horses for these girls; the party bus awaited. As I watched these debutantes running through the rain to catch their ride to the Cajundome Convention Center, I thought back on my own past. The event, hosted by STM parents, was a fun way to educate their children on just how to have fun. Here’s Party Girl’s advice to these girls approaching adult life — choose your events well, and you’ll always have fun!

From Sweet 16 to 20/20, Party Girl recently learned a little bit more about fashion from Daniel Swarovski. Eyeglasses are only acceptable to Party Girl if Daniel Swarovski adds his touches to them. The latest styles, shapes and colors are always present at Bohn & Joseph Eye Center’s Optical Boutique. Recently the boutique hosted its annual spring style show on April 24, featuring an array of elegant crystal eyewear, with brands like Cazal, Caviar and Judith Leiber. The innovative designs and quality materials make for both fashionable and functional frames.

And just for the record — it’s really not fair to be talented, gracious and so damn good looking all at the same time. But that’s exactly the hand that’s been dealt to Lafayette native Shaesby Scott. The jewelry designer extraordinaire (sorry, ladies, he’s taken) who now lives in Austin was feted with a reception at kiki as part of a recent trunk show at the upscale River Ranch boutique. Delicious food from Pamplona was served to a packed house of familiar faces there to celebrate Shaesby’s phenomenal success — and, of course, adorn themselves or their significant others with his exquisite creations. Among the quests were Jerry Young, Marshall and Sandy Mugnier, Dr. Lee Leonard and Vicki Moody, Dr. Bob and Marilyn Tarpy, Frank and Tracy Neuner, Brady Como, Claudia and Eric Campbell, and Judy Dunn, along with the always dapper kiki sales associate Alfredo Gray. Fashion-forward kiki manager Kate Frayard’s simple black dress popped with a brightly colored scarf by Hermès (the Paris-based luxury goods house that purchased Lafayette’s Roggwiller Tannery late last year) complemented by a gold “forged marquis” necklace from Shaesby’s Isola line. Cammy Lowe, who works at kiki in Baton Rouge, made heads turn for a glimpse of her “large tear-drop hoopla” earrings from the designer’s Classics collection. The night’s combination of food, fun, fashion and spirits was a perfect way to honor Shaesby’s artistic accomplishments.

Party On! — PG

Meredith Stokes and Jennifer Ducharme

Jerry and Jeni Guidry

Laura Pears tries on Sunglasses by Caviar

Karina Annesley, William Annesley, Alfredo Gray, Cammy Lowe, and Kate Frayard

Dr. Lee Leonard, Marilyn Tarpy, Vicki Moody and Dr. Bob Tarpy

Cammy Lowe, Kiki Frayard, Kate Frayard and Alfredo Gray