Pure as the Driven Snow Cream Almond snow cream with fruit and granola at The Steep House

by Christiaan Mader

Photo by Robin May

Eating ice cream for breakfast has long been emblematic of the independence achieved with adulthood, at least from the perspective of a child. In my early 30s, I’m no longer a child but not yet an adult — something I’m not bragging about — so I’ll settle for ice cream for lunch. Consider it a compromise with my superego

Photo by Robin May

Thanks to The Steep House, a midday meal of ice cream is all the more guiltless and somewhat defensible. Snow cream, as they call it, is not necessarily healthier than regular ice cream, though its crystalline flakiness might convince you otherwise. The shop doesn’t make the claim, so surely I cannot.

The almond snow cream has a muted, nutty sweetness that sweeps the whole indulgence thing under the rug, out of the prying and contemptuous eyes of your caloric conscience. Paired with fruit — I chose mango — granola and condensed milk, it’s refreshing, light and palate-cleansing. If you didn’t know any better, you could call it a de-constructed smoothie and take it as an after-gym boost.

But you do know better. You’re 32 and eating ice cream for lunch. It’s OK. Existence is meaningless.

Pro Tip: Considering Louisiana will be in perpetual summer thanks to Chinese-manufactured Global Warming, it’s best to eat the snow cream fast and risk the brain freeze.

The Steep House is located at 930 Kaliste Saloom Road in Lafayette.

Photo by Robin May