Senate hopeful Troy Hebert goes ‘big coconuts’

Stung by a judge’s refusal to open the U.S. Senate debate to candidates with less than $1 million in their campaign accounts and at least 5 percent in the polls, the thousandaire 1-percenter lashes out in a ham-handed parody video. Warning: You can’t un-watch it.

Wherein Troy Hebert, the former state senator from Jeanerette and alcohol commissioner under Gov. Bobby Jindal, mocks the $1 million in campaign funds and 5 percent in polls threshold set by Louisiana Public Broadcasting and the Council for a Better Louisiana for this week’s televised U.S. Senate debate in Ruston, recalling a similarly cuckoo-bird “big coconuts” video former state Sen. Elbert Guillory made in June when he announced his run for Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District seat: