Facebook helped voter-registration push

by Jeremy Alford, LaPolitics

The latest voter registration period for the Nov. 8 election has concluded, but it’ll be another week or so until the secretary of state’s office knows the final tally for the number of new voters added to the rolls.
Yet in a state where 85 percent of voters are already registered, there probably won’t be much of a spike.

Election officials, nonetheless, do anticipate that there could be a minor increase among younger voters. But the trick with this portion of the electorate, as always, is making sure they show up at the polls.

There will likewise be a big jump in Republican registrations for the entire calendar year, but that’s due largely to the money that was put behind the presidential primaries in the spring.

The real winner from the registration push this summer in Louisiana will probably be Facebook. The social media giant made an aggressive drive to gets its users registered and election officials tell LaPolitics that thousands of new voters were added to the rolls on the days Facebook made its appeals.